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Raise Your Standards

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2020

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If you feel overwhelmed by the messes in your life, if you feel swallowed up by chores and piles and tasks here’s what I want you to do today. This is really going to help you feel a little more together.

Forget about the amount of things that need attention. I want you to take 1 hour, that’s right, just 60 minutes, on 3 areas of your life today, and clean and organize these areas completely, so that when you’re done, you feel SO good when you look at them.

Here’s the three areas I want you to clean up today. You’re going to spend 20 minutes on each of these areas.

Start with your purse, or diaper bag, or both if you use both. Get in there, throw away trash, take out anything that doesn’t belong, and restock whatever you might need when you’re on the go. Take out your cash if you have any in your wallet. Straighten it out. Respect your money and you will have more of it. Wipe out your bag, wipe out the things in your bag. Be ready to grab and go the next time you need to leave.

Next, I want you to go tidy up your bathroom counter. The area you spend at least twice a day in, hopefully. Throw away trash. Put your toiletries and cosmetics away so they’re not all over the counter. Restock cotton balls or q-tips or whatever you keep around. Wipe down your sink and counter and mirror, so that when you look at them, they shine as beautiful as you do. What you look at it is going to affect how you feel inside. Put a positive affirmation on a sticky note and stick it to your mirror. Put something pretty on your counter, like some flowers or a candle, or something that you love to look at.

Finally, the third area of your life I want you to clean up today is your car. This one might take more than 20 minutes but that’s okay because it’s likely that the last two areas probably didn’t take very long. Bring 2 bags out to the car with you, one for trash, and one for things that don’t belong in the car that you’re going to bring in and sort later. Even if this was ALL you did, you’re going to notice such a difference the next time you get in your car. Go get a car wash if you can or wash it in your driveway (PS Kids LOVE to get involved in this). Vacuum it out, wipe down your dash board and the doors and seats and windows. Restock what you might need in your car: water bottles, dry snacks, sunscreen, diapers, medications, bandaids, whatever you could need on the go. Fill up with gas. I’m telling you, the next time to go somewhere, you’re going to feel so good getting in your car.

Whenever I’m feeling not on my game when it comes to organization, I start with just these three areas of my life and it makes SUCH a difference in how I feel, and usually jumpstarts a really productive and positive kick.

Theres a saying that how you do anything is how you do everything. So take care of your things. Invest a little time each day into especially the areas you spend the most time. Your external environment is a reflection of your internal environment and how you see yourself. You are beautiful and valuable and you deserve to have nice things, you deserve to live in a beautiful environment, you deserve to feel good about yourself and your life.