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Three parts of a nighttime success routine

Uncategorized Aug 13, 2019

This post comes from my podcast, Motivation For Moms episode 35, entitled "Three parts of a nighttime success routine." To listen to this podcast episode, click here. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes to get the latest show episodes, and please write a review, which is the ultimate gift to me.

Hey Mama! Today we are talking about night time routines, and why a solid nighttime routine is essential to your success. They say a successful day begins the night before, and as moms, this is more true than ever before. If you find that your mornings are stressful and rushed, especially as we move into the new school year, if your kids are school aged, then take notes in this episode because I’m going to give you 3 big takeaways for making the most of your night time routine.

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Motivation For Moms! This week is super exciting for me because I am hosting a free 5 day no-alcohol challenge for moms in a private popup Facebook group, and it started today! I have about 25 moms in the challenge and I’m so excited for what we’ve been doing in the group so far. So in addition to not drinking over these 5 days, each day of the challenge we are tackling a different topic in personal growth, and today, day 1, we talked about establishing a nighttime success routine, and I thought I would continue the conversation in our podcast episode for this week! If you would like to join our 5 day no-alcohol challenge, go to I’m going to keep this week’s podcast episode short, but I promise to leave with those three solid takeaways for a successful nighttime routine.

As I mentioned in the intro, a good day starts the night before. So what are you doing at night that ensures a good day tomorrow? I’d LOVE to hear what your nighttime routine looks like, so what you can do is take a screen shot of this episode and post it on Instagram, and tag me, @saramuender, and in the comments section, share what YOU do in your nighttime routine.

For me, the anatomy of a successfully night time routine includes 3 major items: preparing for the day ahead, planning for the day ahead, and planning for a goodnight’s sleep.

Preparing for the day ahead includes setting out clothes for the next day, filling up my water bottles if I’m going to be going out, packing my kids lunches if it’s a school day, and of course, setting the coffee pot for the morning. Whatever I can do to make my morning as easy and relaxing as possible. My tip for you is: identify whatever points of anxiety or tension you typically face in the morning and do what you can to eliminate those (such as kids clothing or food battles). It’s one little way to make life easier for yourself and set yourself up for a successful day.

I also like to plan for the day ahead. Usually I do this while making dinner, and I sit down and plan every hour of the next day, so I know exactly when I intend to get done what I need to get done and how I’m going to successfully move forward on my goals. Just like everything in the house as its place, everything in the day should have its place too, including your self care, and working on your goals. You’ve heard me mention my Planner Makeover Course. If you want to learn new strategies using a planner and how in make sure that your non-negotiables are getting the time and attention they deserve in the day, you can visit

And finally, planning for a good night’s sleep. That means doing things that ensures that I get the very best possible night sleep: so turning off screens an hour before bed, taking magnesium to help me relax, maybe taking an epsom salt bath with lavender oils, giving myself a foot massage, completely blacking out my room, doing a little reading before I fall asleep, and I always try to fall asleep to an empowering guided meditation. It’s so powerful to put positive messages into your subconscious as you fall asleep, they can really do wonders for you if you make this a routine.

So again, those three major parts of a successful nighttime routine includes: preparing for the day ahead, planning for the day ahead, and planning for a goodnight’s sleep. Now you can sit down and make these three categories, and under each one, I want you to write down what things you can do to help set yourself up for success for the next day. Remember: being a successful mom doesn’t just happen, you have to plan for it, you have to be intentional, and not just leave the day up to chance.

I’d LOVE for you to join us in our 5 day no-alcohol challenge, again, to do so, just go to where we’re talking about this topic more in depth, and each day of this challenge we’re focusing on a different personal growth topic, so I hope to see you there! And if you loved this episode, please share it with a friend, and I’d super appreciate it if you’d take 60 seconds to go write a review of the show on iTunes. I may just share your review on an upcoming episode.

As I always say, now go out there, take charge of your day, you beautiful, powerful, and incredible mama. Love ya lots! I’ll see you next week here on Motivation For Moms.