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Learn how to use a planner to achieve your goals, accomplish your tasks with ease, finally make guilt-free time for yourself, and stop feeling overwhelmed so you can live fully in each precious moment.

In the videos and worksheets in this course, you'll receive: 

  • Motivation to get to work right away
  • Strategy on how to solve your biggest day-to-day problems
  • Support and reassurance, because we shouldn't have to do this alone!

All backed by my personal money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason this course does not meet your expectations, I'll refund your money, no questions asked. Just send an email to [email protected]! You have nothing to lose sister, and a whole crap-ton of value to gain. This is your LIFE!

What Real Life Mamas Are Saying:

I recently completed the Planner Makeover Course and I absolutely loved it! I forgot how much I enjoyed writing down my to do lists, schedule and goals for the week. Before taking this course I was pretty organized, keeping my digital calendar up to date, however I didn't realize how many tasks and goals I was keeping in my head! Defining my non-negotiables and then blocking the time off for them has already lifted a mental weight off my brain. The other small and sensible suggestions that Sara makes throughout the course have already started to make a difference in my overall mood. For instance, I added a daily non-negotiable of cleaning my kitchen counters before I go to bed. It only takes me 5-10 minutes and when I wake up in the morning and walk downstairs to see a de-cluttered kitchen, fresh and ready to make breakfast in...it instantly boosts my mood! Thank you Sara for reminding me to work smarter and make things easier on myself when it comes to planning my life!

Amanda Gorman, mom to 2 and podcast host

Hi Sara. I just want to say thank you so much for your planner makeover course. Here's what you've given me: more time. Because sometimes I would end the day just feeling really discouraged because my to-do list would be so long. There’d be so much for me to do. It was overwhelming and stressful. But now I'm able to be so much more intentional about planning my time to get in those non-negotiables and make time for those things that are high priority in my life. So I'm able to end the day feeling successful, like I'm able to move in the direction I want to and live my life on purpose and be intentional.

Jessica Thomas, Mama of 2 & Health & Fitness Coach

It's fantastic. Every Mama I know would benefit from this course. Sara's high energy and humor keeps the course fun and engaging as she packs practical content into every section. One of my favorite things that Sara says in the course is that "It doesn't matter if your planner is glittery and colorful or perfectly organized. Instead, it matters if your life is organized and running smoothly." I found so much value even beyond improving my planning process, to being reminded of prioritizing my own self care and non-negotiables on a regular basis. I am so thankful from this course and I know you will benefit just as much from it as I have.

Kirsten Gallagher, Mama of 2 & Engineer

Thank you Sara from the bottom of my heart for the Planner Makeover Course. I found it informative, enjoyable, and inspiring. So what did I do? I went home this morning and scheduled all kinds of items. I started with my non-negotiables like you talked about, things that are really important and non-negotiable to me. Then I went ahead and scheduled in some family time. So I just want to thank you, because I think it’s going to change my world, my family’s world, and my business, because it's just going to make me even more productive. Thank you for really instilling in my the thought process that I can do anything as long as I schedule it in, I really think this is going to change my world. Cheers to much success while you help those Mamas, wives, sisters, and business women. Thank you so much!

Stacey Torres, Mama of 4 and Realtor

Over the last year, I have been interested in personal growth, living intentionally, and making positive changes. I have been successful in navigating and balancing work and personal commitments, but have found it challenging to manage all the roles that a working mama encounters daily. The Planner Makeover Course allowed me to narrow in on my strengths and core values, and ensure that I was able to not only balance work, but to effectively incorporate life into my schedule as well. Sara offers concrete tools, processes, and plans of action to enable successful growth that will allow you to make permanent positive changes to your daily routine. I highly recommend The Planner Makeover Course!

Nicole Ashton, Mama of 2 and Nurse

I just want to give a quick shout out to Sara. I finished her Planner Makeover Course yesterday. I wanted to take it because 1) I’m a planner geek, I love using a planner. But I also wanted to take her course because ever since I had my daughter, I use my planner, I make a plan, but then things go out the window, who knew? So after taking her course, I realized I was using my planner as more a checklist and not really a planner. So she’s helped me be more intentional with my day, set my non-negotiables, and build my day around that. So I’m excited. Thanks Sara!

Tina Trelor